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Flock strategy call #5 - Notes

Updating the definition of the strategy working group [Louis]

  • Good to go pending minor grammar fixes

The future of Nest (optional) [Cem/Louis]

  • Flock teams to sponsor some Nest initiatives
  • It could be interesting to have relatonships among the different programs and roles
  • Nest teams are facing developer UX issues
  • Having a more open conversation with the rest of the Flock and Nest teams having ways to get feedback.
  • Have more flexibility for Nest grantees and let them move more freely in the Aragon Network and contribute where they see fit.
  • Top down vs. bottom up approach for managing Nest projects and how much flexibility to give to teams.
  • Using bonding curves to create a new kind of alignment
    • Current state of Nest may not be ideal
    • Could explore this in a different program
    • Regulatory challenges subject to legal review
    • Proof of concept for Nest as a portfolio of DAOs


  • Agent
    • Stewards
    • Something else? (eg conviction voting?)
    • Bigger Budget? Maximum Request?
    • Timing

The current set of grants programs rest on highly specified deliverables and are implemented in a top-dow fashion and do not feel DAO-like

Average proposal size to CFDAO has bee 1-2K in the DAO which is not enough to do anything sifnificant.

What is an improved CFDAO, to sponsor efforts from individual devs, without a super concrete roadmap.

Implement a DAO using

Are we ready for CFDAO 2.0?

Experimenting CFDAO with Conviction Voting

Create tracks in the CFDAO so people feel confortable proposing things

  • Kleros / Aragon Court ?
    • Get more diversity of thought in the forum thread

Next call will happen here on September 13th, 3pm CEST.

Strategy call #6 agenda is here