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Strategy WG call #6 - notes


kleros forum thread

  • Have someone write an article about the thread and fund this through CFDAO
  • Interesting ways to collaborate can be Nest or bonding curve alignement for the 2 projects

What scope of organizational activities do we want to focus on/specialize in with the Aragon product?

  • Work on governance capabilities
  • Credao is going to be an interesting experiment
  • People don't know how to configure their organization. Need to create a design lab with good ux to create templates easily
  • Adding apps should be like web 2, you choose all the options and then get it deployed
  • Segmentation into apps can be a problem if you don't have a global interface. apps for backend and then different interfaces that you choose from. This implies less flexibility
  • With resources running low and no real traction from users, how do we chose what to specialize in?
  • We need to build this backend without bottlenecks for developer to work so easily. Then evangelize it
  • Help people who are capable to work with our tools walk the last mile, we need an oboarding team to create usages
  • Without the subsequent apps, governance as a value proposition is less powerful as you don't have the tools to enforce decisions with the same security/transparency principles
  • Make templates WITH interfaces for different use cases, have a team continuously do that and focus on generating templates
  • Maybe we can stop giving lump sums away for funding teams and find other ways to do it

Aragon Academy

  • Aragon Black is going to take apprentices to onboard people
  • Deliver classes on the Aragon Infrastructure, film and publish on Youtube
  • Create an ambassador program for Aragon
  • Third program in the network besides Flock and Nest that would train community members to participate in the community or evangelize Aragon in their own network and benefit from it
  • Weekly workshop in Berlin giving Aragon Courses. DAO Incubator could be a platform to do that