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Strategy WG call #7 - notes


Working Groups

  • working groups have not ended up being what we'd really like to have
  • we dont have the root incentives to make WGs useful, the way teams collaborate should push for this and it is not the case
  • One way to make them more useful could be to have working group calls around specific topics on a ad-hoc bais, rather than a general call on a recurring basis
  • We should prepare more specific topics in working groups and have the right persons in the discussion
  • use Kialo to have debates async and enhance debates and have more informed debates in working groups. Create a Kialo on a specific topic. For example roadmaps and initiatives.

Forum discussions

  • Lots has been said on the forum, looking forward to finishing discussions
  • It is kind of an organizational cycle that comes to an end
  • The budget AGP could be interesting to implement a natural unbundling of Flock team proposals
  • Flock teams could submit initiatives that get evaluated and modified on a rolling basis
  • This could help teams work together and coordinate more often, and make everything more flexible


  • Louis (AA)
  • Yalda (Autark)
  • Luke (A1)