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StrategyWG Meeting #9

3pm GMT, November 8th 2019


Aragon Strategy & Analysis

Initial findings will be shared and discussed. - spoiler alert: we're still at Phase0

Aragon Team Collaboration

No updates.

TBD on updates from Aragon Black.

Knowledge Sharing Across Teams

We have a recommended tooling list!

Meeting Notes

Aragon Vision Survey

Will continue to aggregate data from the community (surveys and interviews) to inform the Aragon Vision survey. This data will be made available to the community (in an edited form to preserve user privacy). Then common trends will be discovered and we will reach back out to the community (or people outside the immediate Aragon community) for feedback and further insights. This will likely be an ongoing process.

Aragon User Research

Will create a shared folder with user research for the Aragon community. This will be accessible to all Aragon community members and teams. - Aragon vision survey results and following report will be shared here - Problem discovery and user research data will also be shared here

Problem Discovery Research

We will reach out to 3-5 channels on to research problem discovery, identifying how people are managing their organizations, resolving disputes, and making governance decisions. 5 candidates will be chosen from each bucket. The results of this campaign will then be shared at the next StrategyWG meeting. - create privacy policy and/or disclaimer informing users that data will be shared with the Aragon community - draft survey questions for problem discovery - send out survey

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the vision survey or problem discovery research. Currently @joeyc, @jayalaves, and @burrrata are leading these projects.