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Aragon Strategy WG call #10

Call #10: November 22, 2019 6:30am PST / 9:30am EST / 2:30pm UTC / 3:30pm CEST

Participants have received a calendar invite with a link.



  • Aragon Network Budget brainstorm [Louis]
    • What do we expect from a budget?
    • What qualities we want it to have?
  • Aragon Network Strategy report udpate (optional)
  • KPIs we should focus on

Notes on discussions


Organization related KPIs. - Activity is one KPI, txn volume of all apps in the org - This tells us about the traction of Aragon - Total AUM - Amount of ANT held - Orgs are stakeholders of the community - If you buy ANT to try to game the app mining, you pay for it

  • It is important to be able to communicate that in a clear and succint way is going to be important to play the game.

  • AUM vs. Activity volume. What is their respective impact on ANT price?

    • You need activity volume to generate fees with services such as Aragon Chain. Assets under management is an indirect KPI to the trust people have in the platform.
  • A growth KPI could be taken into account somewhere. To incentivize getting more organizations to participate.

  • Activity cannot be tracked as a per app basis. Some apps will have by default high volumes, some less. Its the organization score that matters and is split among all apps.

  • Blockstack app mining is very heavily distributed towards top 5 apps 77% of all rewards.

    • This is something we may want to rethink. Maybe based on app scores rather than exponential distribution. In that case application score itself is a percentage of the whole reward pool.

There is a Futarchy experiment going on right now using ANT price. Maybe we could try to use it with some of the KPIs above.

Strategy report

on hold


  • Luke feels budget is positive as people start to pay attention to it.
  • Joe thinks that we miss the department allocation of the budget.
  • Burrrata thinks incentives are weird in the current AGP-103. We need more simple and easy to understand budget.
  • Yalda thinks we need more time to come up with a good budget proposal.
  • Luis echoes Yalda thoughts on the fact that we need more time.
  • Aaron thinks we need different categories of spending for the budget.
  • Louis thinks its important to create collaboration spaces.

About the Strategy Working Group - meta discussion

  • Bring key stakeholders in the Strategy Working Group
  • Use the strategy working group as a stakeholder outreach group
  • Use this group more to do research on different strategy topics
  • It needs more scope and clarity on authority it has. If it hasnt any authority it is not interesting
  • Strategy research that gets funded with ANTs
  • The strategy research could become an ANT delegate over time


  • Burrrata
  • Joe
  • Yalda
  • Luke
  • Luis
  • Aaron