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Aragon Event Policy

Aragon has been a proud sponsor and participant in numerous Ethereum and blockchain related events. We also occasionally have supported events outside of these scopes to reach people in communities that could greatly benefit from the use of Aragon and its products.

Sponsorship policy

  • The Aragon Association will sponsor a maximum of 4 large-scale events per calendar year.

  • A maximum sponsorship we will consider is up to CHF 50,000.

  • A large-scale event has to be relevant to what Aragon is building and provide an ample forum for presenting Aragon at the event.

  • The Association has budgeted an additional CHF 100,000 per year towards sponsoring Aragon community meetups around the world.

  • Aragon wants to encourage community members to organize events like meetups, hackathons, and other community events. We are happy to support and help you organize such an Aragon-related community event and will consider backing such events on a case-by-case basis.

  • Events have to be supportive of the goals and values of the Aragon Manifesto.

  • Events must have a Code of Conduct that doesn't tolerate harassment of participants in any form and shares sentiment and values with the Aragon Code of Conduct.

Organizing policy

  • Each team or individual participating in an event sponsored by the Aragon Association is responsible for covering all costs associated with attending the event.

  • The final decision for all event sponsorships is made by the Events Manager (@john-light), who is hired by the Aragon Association to be the main owner and point of contact for all events.

  • The Events Manager is responsible for proactively seeking high-quality events for Aragon to sponsor and participate in, as well as ensuring that our participation in events is as successful as possible.

    • The Events Manager sets criteria that determines what “success” means for a given event and leads the creation of a plan to ensure success.
  • Events can also be proposed by any Aragon community member. Events should be proposed at least three months before the date of the event. Events can be proposed by creating an issue in the community repo on GitHub.

  • Once per week, the Events Manager will evaluate proposed events in the community repo and either tag “will do” or “won’t do” before closing the issue. Events tagged “will do” will be converted into Flow projects and populated with the necessary tasks to make the event successful.

    • Key attendees (with attendance confirmed in writing)
      • Key attendees are community members that are needed to make the event successful
    • Travel details for all attendees
    • Lodging details for all attendees
    • Sponsorship, if any
    • Marketing for the event
    • Social media posts and graphics
    • Merchandise order if needed
    • Posters and other promotional materials
  • Individual event logistics will be coordinated with the Aragon Association Operations Manager via Flow or Keybase. Group logistics will be coordinated with the Aragon Association Operations Manager via Nextcloud docs.

  • The Events Manager is responsible for making sure the Operations Manager is completing all necessary logistical tasks on time. The Events Manager is also responsible for making sure that all events-related communications and community outreach is completed on time.

  • The Events Manager will perform a review within one week after the end of an event to gauge success of the event and present this to the Aragon Association Executive Director for review and approval. The review will be published in the wiki by the Events Manager after the Executive Director has signed off on it.