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Software Licences

Aragon's licenses

When deciding about what are the best open source licenses to release components of the Aragon Project, one of the main characteristics that those licenses need to have is the empowerment and freedom to those who seek to improve the software and contribute it back to the community. Actions from for-profit entities that benefit from open source without giving back should be disincentivized. The other main characteristic is the respect of user’s freedom: “Freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve a program”. Users, individually and collectively, should control the software and not the other way around. This is the main and broad reasoning behind our choices.

More specifically, when a tool offers unique capabilities and functionality we want the future generations of those tools to remain free (libre). When tools are utility-type codebases and is key to gain as much adoption and standardization as possible, a more permissive licensing makes sense. Also, in cases of non-software materials it is better to have a non-software license such as the CC0.

The following are examples of some of the components of the Aragon Project and its relevant licenses. Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list:


  • aragon/apm.js: LGPLv3

  • aragon/apm-serve: GPLv3

  • aragon/aragon.js: AGPLv3

  • aragon/cli: GPLv3

  • aragon/radspec: MIT

    • aragon/radspec-nearly (experimental grammar set for radspec): MIT

Core infrastructure

  • aragon/aragonOS

    • Instance contracts: GPLv3
    • Interface contracts: MIT


  • aragon/aragon (Aragon): AGPLv3

  • aragon/aragon-apps (Aragon):

    • App contracts: GPLv3
    • App frontends: AGPLv3
  • aragon/aragon-ui: MIT

  • aragon/aragon-network-token: GPLv3


  • aragonlabs/plcr (Partial Commit Reveal Voting app): GPLv3
  • aragonlabs/curation (Curation app for TCRs): GPLv3
  • aragonlabs/registry (Registry for TCRs): GPLv3


  • aragon/design: CC0

  • aragon/deployments: AGPLv3 (contains backups to source code)

  • aragon/hack (Developer documentation): CC0

    • aragon/aragon-example-application: MIT
    • aragon/specs: CC0
  • aragon/multisig-transparency: GPLv3 (forked from gnosis/MultiSigWallet)

  • aragon/website (Website): AGPLv3

  • aragon/whitepaper: CC0

  • aragon/aragon-monthly (Monthly newspaper): CC0

  • aragon/aragon-wiki: CC0

  • aragon/nest (Nest grants program): CC0

  • aragon/community: CC0

  • aragon/governance: GPLv3


  • aragonlabs/pay-protocol: GPLv3

Other projects

Information about the licences used