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Aragon Association Multisig – Café Latte 0xcafe1a77e84698c83ca8931f54a755176ef75f2c

Required signatures: ⅔


Luis Cuende, Executive Director at Aragon Association


Jorge Izquierdo, CEO at Aragon One


Community Multisig

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  • The Aragon Association multisig will be the address responsible to control the whole token sale process.
  • It will hold the Aragon Association ether funds and ANT tokens. It will make the token allocations for founders and early contributors.


  • The decision to introduce the Community Multisig is that in case of a disagreement between Jorge or Luis, no one can extort the other part into locking the multisig forever. With support from the Community Multisig, whoever has the project and community best interests at heart and can convince the community, will be able to kick the other founder out of the multisig, and the project will continue its course.

  • Also, if Luis or Jorge were to lose their access to their key, the community multisig could be used to restore access to another key.