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Aragon One blog posts in 2018


Using APM to replace NPM and other centralized package managers

APM stands for Aragon Package Manager.

The summary is that APM is a decentralized package manager. APM handles the upgreadability of smart contracts as well as arbitrary data blobs.

A Blockchain Perspective on Three Product #BUIDL’ing Motivations

I've been thinking a lot about what motivates those of us BUIDLing blockchain products.

Three types of motivation keep emerging in my consciousness and daily experience. Each type has its own attractions and difficulties. This post will explain my perspective on the three.


Enter the world of personal DAOs

The next step after plain Ethereum accounts

A personal DAO is your own Aragon DAO that acts as your agent in the decentralized world. A personal DAO borrows all the features you can expect from an Aragon DAO, but it isn't an organization comprised of multiple people.

Join Aragon One

What is Aragon One working on, the positions we are currently hiring for and our community referral program

Aragon One is one of the development teams working on Aragon. It is part of the plan to decentralize Aragon’s development and governance (see Decentralizing Aragon’s development I, II, III).