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Aragon One blog posts in 2019


Activism on Aragon

Aragon has the potential to unleash a new wave of activism.

Thanks to Aragon, an activist group could raise funds from anyone in the world. Donors could remain totally anonymous to avoid oppression.


Team Interviews: Paty, UX Designer at Aragon One

Paty joins Aragon One as our new UX Designer.

Her past work on open source software and strong take on human-centric design will be making a positive impact on the whole user experience of Aragon.

Designing the Developer Experience for Decentralized Platforms

Without developers, it is impossible to reach users.

Let's explore what it takes for a decentralized project to bootstrap a developer ecosystem with some examples of what's effective and ineffective in developer relations.


Aragon Network Vote #1 Review

This post will review what went well and what could be improved in Aragon Network Vote #1 (ANV-01).

While we aren’t going to be able to build the perfect governance system, toolchain, and communications plan overnight, we can use this feedback to inform a plan that improves on all these areas incrementally over time.

Releasing Aragon Agent beta

Aragon Agent is a fully-fledged Ethereum account owned by an Aragon organization.

Agent also allows organizations to interact with other organizations, opening up an incredible amount of experimentation with inter-organization interactions.

Running Aragon One as a remote team

Aragon One has been a remote team since day one.

Something interesting about remote teams is that they are very recent. There isn't much prior knowledge on how to run them.

Team Interviews: Gorka, Frontend Developer at Aragon One

Gorka joins Aragon One as a Frontend Developer.

He has a long background working in tech and likes to experiment with new tech and software.


Team Interviews: Delfi, Web Developer at Aragon One

Delfi is an Argentinian Web Developer who loves arts and crafts.

She excitedly joins Aragon One to help us convey our message to users and developers.

Optimist off-chain data availability

The optimist pattern allows for offloading heavy computation from the EVM

However, in order to assume the result is legit, the input data to the function (and not just its hash) must be made publicly available so that any watcher can challenge the result on-chain in a non-interactive way.