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For entities using Aragon

Powered or Governed by Aragon

Even though our software is open source and free, it’s important for the Aragon project to enforce its trademark rights in order to help protect users, and the community in general, from people who uses the trademarks to commit fraud. Therefore, there are restrictions to the ability to use Aragon’s trademarks. Any use of the Aragon trademarks must be in accordance with the Aragon Trademark Policy. Any use that does not comply with this Trademark Policy or does not have written authorization from Aragon is prohibited and may constitute trademark infringement and/or unfair competition.

Members of the Aragon community who develop any product, software, technology or service that is related to Aragon and aragonOS, may be authorized to use the logotype “Powered by Aragon”. Furthermore, any project that is governed by Aragon or that uses aragonOS or any other Aragon technology for governance with its relevant token holders may be authorized to use the logotype “Governed by Aragon”.

The non-exhaustive list and more details of the Aragon trademarks is available here.

Powered by Aragon

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