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Aragon Event Policy

Aragon has been a proud sponsor and participant in numerous Ethereum and blockchain related events. We also occasionally have supported events outside of these scopes to reach people in communities that could greatly benefit from the use of Aragon and it's products.


  • Aragon Foundation will sponsor a maximum of 4 large-scale events per calendar year.
  • A maximum sponsorship we will consider is up to €50,000.
  • Aragon wants to encourage community members to organize events like meetups, hackathons and other community events. We are happy to support and help you organize such an Aragon related community event and will consider backing such events on a case-by-case basis.
  • A large-scale event has to be relevant to what Aragon is building and provide an ample forum for presenting Aragon at the event.
  • The event has to be supportive of the goals and values of the Aragon Manifesto.
  • The event must have a Code of Conduct that doesn't tolerate harassment of participants in any form and shares sentiment and values with the Aragon Code of Conduct.