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Aragon Flock

What is Flock?

Following our work on decentralizing the development of the Aragon project, we have created the Flock program. The aim of the program is to handle the initial application and pre-selection process for new Aragon teams.

This program will be run by the Aragon Association and representatives of the different teams that are already part of the Aragon project.


The focus of the program is the selection of independent teams that will work on the core components and products of the Aragon project. The funds are intended to cover:

  • The operation costs for the research, development, and maintenance of the Aragon products and ecosystem for the period of one year, and
  • An incentivization package in ANT

Application process

The application process is open and public and it will take place in this dedicated GitHub repository. If you expect your proposal to be approved in the next Aragon Network Vote you should submit your proposal to the Flock program at least one month before Aragon Governance Proposals are due, to give reviewers enough time to properly consider your proposal. You can find information about dates for the next Aragon Network Vote on the Governance page in the Aragon Wiki.

How to submit your proposal - Fork the Aragon Flock GitHub repository - Create a new directory with the team’s name inside the teams/ folder - Inside the directory, create one file: (see proposal guide), where you present the overall application and team - Create a pull request to merge your submission into the Flock repository. In that pull request fill in all the relevant info described in the template - Amendments to the initial proposal can be made by creating a pull request over the existent pull request for the relevant review.

The Aragon Association and representatives of the current Aragon teams will review and approve the relevant applications but the community is invited to participate in the public discussion that will take place in the comments of the relevant pull request. After approval by the Aragon Association, teams must submit a Finance track proposal requesting funding via AGP-1 and ANT holders will approve or reject such proposals.

Grant Size

Operation costs

Part of the funding is intended to cover the annual operating cost of each team. The minimum amount of funds available for operations is $300K paid in ETH or DAI.

Incentivization package

To align the interests of the teams with the creation of value of the Aragon Network, increase the team motivation and incentivize long term commitment, every team will be given an incentivization package in ANT. This incentivization package gives the team governance power over the project and the potential for greater financial upside. This incentive will be subject to vesting.

After the definitive approval of funding as per the AGP-1 process, funds for operating costs will be disbursed to the approved teams in a lump sum or in tranches.

Decision rationale

Decisions are made by the Aragon Association in a process which includes gathering opinions from members of the independent teams that are already full-time contributors to the Aragon project. Everybody will participate in the review process. All decisions must be consistent with the goals and values of the Aragon project and represent the interests of the Aragon community.

What do we look for in teams

  • Relevant experience and ability to execute
  • Strong technical skills
  • Inclusive, transparent and community-driven
  • Strongly motivated and with a clear vision on the project
  • Obsessed about governance and the problem the Aragon project is trying to solve
  • Strong belief on the goals and values of the project