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Introductory note

This guide can be used by Flock program applicants in order to draft their ideal Flock Tragck AGP. The structure and content of the proposal can be adapted as much as necessary by the applicant team. Above all, applications should be clear and concise.

Don't forget to share the proposal as early as possible with the community.

Aragon Flock proposal: Team name

1. Summary


This section should detail the high level strategy and rational behind the proposal in simple terms. It can be accompanied by a few short references to past team achievements.

In case the applicant team is an ongoing Flock team it can add the previously achieved roadmap and its most recent community reports.

Why us?

In this part the applicant team should qualitatively explain why it is qualified to deliver the strategy outlined in the previous section.

Working in the Aragon Community

In this section, teams should succintly explain why their time is better spent contributing to Aragon.

Members of the Aragon community are united around the Aragon Manifesto and values of openness, freedom and goodwill. While there are no requirements to refer to the above explicitly, teams are encouraged to speak from their heart. Technicals are not the only thing!

2. Deliverables

Projected capacity table

This table aims at giving a visual summary of the applicant team's effort allocation over the different categories of deliverables.

Example 1

Category Dev tools Aragon apps User experience XYZ
Nb of deliverables 2 1 3 1
Team effort allocated 30% 20% 40% 10%

Example 2

Initiative Projected Capacity (%)
01 - Working on initiative 01 34
02 - Working on initiative 02 28
03 - Working on initiative 03 16
04 - Working on initiative 04 14
05 - Working on initiative 05 8

Note: there is no strict format required for the table.


In this section, the applicant team should detail in concrete terms the different initiatives it is planning to work on. They should be listed by order of priority.

For each initiative, the applicant team should cover the following items: - Value proposition - How it will provide value to the end user (i.e. developer or Aragon DAO user) - Deliverables - What precisely will be implemented in to fulfill this initiative - Background - A link to a Github issue, Flock roadmap item, Nest proposal, user feedback, or any other material backing the initiative's relevancy - Long-term vision for initiative - This last item is optional and can provide more insights on future developments built on top of the initiative


Here is an example of initiative inspired from a past Flock application.

I01 - Fundraising

Value proposition

The goal of this topic is to provide a library and a standalone dApp any Aragon DAO can use to raise funds through a Continuous Funding scheme.


Fundraising library: Develop a modular fundraising library providing low-level building-blocks: curves, taxation mechanisms, withdrawal mechanisms, etc.

Fundraising app: Develop an opinionated but ready-to-use fundraising app - based on the previous library - implementing the [Apiary][link] scheme designed by [@lkngtn][link].


A PoC of such a fundraising app is already available [here][link] and demoed [here][link].

3. Grant Size

Your estimated operating cost for successfully building the Aragon Project and the estimated ANT package that would be needed to incentivize the team's long term commitment.

Please also provide the payment schedule that would be requested.


Here is an example of initiative inspired from a past Flock application.

Estimated operating costs for Q2 and Q3 2019

Type Description Amount
Payroll $Xk
Contractors DevOps | Design | Legal | etc. $Xk
Services GitHub | Google Suite | Chat | etc. $Xk
Travel Offsites | Conferences | etc. $Xk
Equipment Laptop | etc. $Xk
Total $Xk

ANT package

We would like to request 25k ANT per team member per year for incentivization purpose, i.e. 125k ANT for this six months long proposal. We are committed to the Aragon Network in the long-term and therefore accept a 4-years vesting schedule.

Note: Flock team ANT package policy is subject to change over time. Please ask the Aragon Association for more information.

4. Team

Below is the basic structure the applicant team should follow when creating a Flock proposal. It includes a brief description the current team members and their relevancy for the role, with links to relevant materials (github, twitter, projects, etc.) and provides info on future openings if the applicant team plans to hire more people during their Flock mandate.

AraEagles Example Team

  • John Doe — Project Lead

John has 20 years of experience coding Solidity. He bought Bitcoin in 1995, therefore inventing the blockchain. He admits to be the real Craig Wright.

Socials: GitHub Twitter

  • Satoshi Nakamoto — Frontend Dev

Satoshi loves React and React Native. He met John 5 years ago in a hackathon

Socials: GitHub Twitter

  • Maria Garcia — Security Researcher

Maria has been working on different projects in the Ethereum both creating and auditing smart contracts. She would like to work full time on pure research.

Socials: GitHub Twitter

5. Requirements

List of aragon accounts, channels, tools, assets, domains and infrastructure that you need in order to operate

Access to Yes/No If Yes, precise what and why
Blog accesses
Social media accesses
Website accesses
Repo accesses
Unrestricted use of the Aragon trademark
Publish access to aragonpm.eth
Access to Aragon servers and cloud infrastructure
Access to Aragon DNS and ENS domains
Admin/moderator access on Discord, Spectrum, Aragon Forum and /r/AragonProject

6. Organization structure

Under what type of organization, if any, is the team organized.

7. Due diligence materials

In a structured way, the applicant team is invited to provide links to materials that can support its Flock application. **This should include a risk assessment document*, where the Flock team details the main challenges and risks tied to its proposal.*

These can also be links to projects, references, or any material judged relevant.