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Job Openings

Aragon is an open source, decentralized, project fighting for the freedom to organize.

We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems, read more about it here.


To encourage other teams to work on Aragon, we will be splitting off the Foundation to form a company of core developers. Everyone currently employed by the Foundation will become employees of a new company funded by the Foundation. That way, we level the playing field for other teams to join the core development of the project.

With Aragon Nest we are already supporting projects that are not necessarily sustainable by themselves yet, but are crucial to the Aragon and Ethereum ecosystems.

We will expand the scope of Nest to start funding alternative teams that have a desire to work on the Aragon Core client, aragonOS and on Aragon Apps.

Since we released the first version of the Aragon whitepaper, we knew that it was important to split the non-profit entity overseeing the project from the actual companies or teams working on its development.

For more context, we've published three blog posts about why it makes sense to decentralize Aragon's development, the steps forward for the non-profit entity and onboarding new teams along with the Aragon Manifesto.

Aragon One

Aragon One is a company that encompasses the foundational team working on the Aragon project. The company is currently established in Switzerland, although we want it to function as a DAO as much as possible.

Funding for the company will come in a form of a grant given by the project's non-profit entity, in similar terms to the ones that the entity will provide to future teams that will be working on the project as well.

Culture 🌍

  • We believe and fight for freedom.
  • We are open source only.
  • We promote transparency, communication and autonomy.
  • We advocate open source and decentralization.
  • We encourage contributions to other open source projects within the crypto space to speed up the development of the ecosystem.
  • We work focus-driven, not hours-driven.
  • We are a technology project supported by a community. Our focus is product first.

Work conditions πŸš€

  • Work with top minds from the ecosystem and build revolutionary products.
  • Fully remote positions. You're free to accommodate your optimal workspace.
  • Full-time commitment - only focus can bring top productivity.
  • Competitive compensation based on your role, not your location.
  • You decide how to allocate your salary - in fiat, ETH and/or ANT.
  • We nourish curiosity and inspiration by supporting side projects.

Perks ⭐️

  • Work with an international team (free hosting in worldwide locations and local guides!).
  • Quarterly off sites where we all meet in a peaceful location to work and connect with the team and ecosystem guests.
  • Flexible paid-time off, so you can take your vacations when you need.
  • Optional Personal Development Plan if you want to take your growth a step further.
  • Equipment and software licenses.
  • Opportunities to attend and/or speak in relevant events.

Openings πŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Applying πŸ“

  • Write an email with any info you consider relevant to [email protected], with the subject ${insert_position_here} opening application.

  • The generic things we are looking for in the application are:

  • A couple paragraphs explaining your involvement and experience in the crypto community.

  • All the references to your past work

    • GitHub for developers. Since we are open source only, we require applicants for developer positions to have a very active and healthy GitHub profile.
    • Dribbble/Behance/portfolio for designers
    • CV/LinkedIn for other positions
  • We really value people that have previously contributed to the project in a voluntary manner, or that are community members.

  • We value what you can do and your attitude doing it, not where/whether you went to school or college.

More specific instructions for each position can be found in the openings.

Process πŸ€“

We don't think talent is geographically centralized and people are magically available at our disposal. We have a continuous hiring process where jobs are open worldwide until we find the right person for Aragon and each role. We built a hiring process where we're not the only ones testing but you also get to actively know us:

  1. Submit Application We'll review your application and we may ask you for more info.
  2. Initial Interview If there's a potential fit, we'll schedule a call.
  3. Challenge We'll ask you to solve a real problem.
  4. Meet the team If we liked your submission, you'll chat with Luis, Jorge and/or Chris.
  5. Offer If we see a full match, we'll extend you an offer.
  6. Trial Since we're remote, if there's consensus, we'll work in person for a week before taking the final decision.