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DevOps opening at Aragon One

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems.

We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to help us architect our server infrastructure and automate internal processes. Our ideal DevOps Engineer is someone who wants to create tools that will ultimately automate DAOs, and loves to create open source tools to benefit the open source community.

We try to keep our centralized infrastructure at a minimum, balancing usability and decentralization (censorship-resistance). We strive to make as much as the infrastructure that supports using Aragon client reproducible by users so they don’t have to rely on our servers.


  • Take ownership of Aragon's hosted services, including (but not limited to) Ethereum nodes, IPFS nodes, Rocket Chat, and NextCloud.
  • Architect, build, and maintain rock solid infrastructure.
  • Create open source tools to automate internal workflows and DevOps needs, with the goal of enhancing the entire open source community's toolset and knowledge.


  • Proven ability to launch, secure, monitor, and maintain automated cloud services.
  • Pragmatic approach to infrastructure; never fail the same way twice.
  • Experience building, securing, maintaining, and open sourcing infrastructure tooling.
  • Experience working with Docker and containerizing applications.
  • You’re comfortable working autonomously and experienced enough to figure out what you need to do, given a broad set of end goals.


  • Experience building deterministic environments and continuous delivery pipelines.
  • Experience setting up blockchain nodes before, and maybe even run one today.
  • Previous experience contributing or managing open source projects.
  • Previous experience working remotely.
  • Very good written communication skills.

How to apply

  • Write an email with the following attachments plus any information you consider important to [email protected], with the subject DevOps opening application.
  • Please send along your GitHub profile. Since we are open source only, we require applicants for developer positions to have a very active and healthy GitHub profile.
  • Bonus: Why did Aragon catch your attention? Which challenge within the crypto space are you more interested in?

If you haven't, check out our culture, work conditions, etc.