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UI Developer at Aragon One − Contract Position

We are looking for a user interface developer to work with us on Aragon and the Aragon Apps.

Consider applying if you have the ability to ship high quality UI code that is maintainable, performant, accessible, precise, and compatible with modern browsers.

Required skills

  • Modern JavaScript (ES6+).
  • Modern CSS.
  • Modern Web APIs.
  • Experience with React.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Experience contributing to open source projects.
  • Being comfortable with Unix tools and the command line.
  • Being aware of the constraints inherent to developing a dapp.
  • A good understanding of how Ethereum works.

Technologies we are using at the moment

  • React
  • RxJS
  • web3.js
  • styled-components
  • react-motion
  • Webpack / Rollup / Babel

How to apply

  • Write an email with the following attachments plus any information you consider important to [email protected], with the subject UI Developer Contract Application.
  • Please send along your GitHub profile. Since we are open source only, we require applicants for developer positions to have a very active and healthy GitHub profile.
  • Please send some projects you are proud of with a description of your role working on them.

If you haven't, please read more about our culture, work conditions, etc.