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Web Developer opening at Aragon One

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems.

We're looking for a Web Developer to work with us creating and maintaining stunning websites and landing pages for all of Aragon. Our Web Developer must not only be a frontend expert but also care about detail and have a taste for good design. Our ideal candidate is not only a respected engineer but also a decentralization advocate.


  • Develop, ship, and maintain our website, our developer portal and new online resources, using and enhancing our UI toolkit.
  • Work with our Design Lead to transform ideas and designs into modern, clean, and readable code.
  • Collaborate with the product team and the communication team to define how to properly communicate what we do by building great web experiences.


  • Expert understanding of: Modern JavaScript (ES6+), CSS, React and resource optimization.
  • Proven ability to ship quality, well-crafted websites within tight deadlines.
  • Being passionate about open source and decentralization.
  • Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management. We work focus-driven, not hours-driven.

Good to have

  • Previous experience contributing or managing open source projects.
  • Previous experience working remotely.
  • Very good written communication skills.
  • Attention to UX/UI design.

How to apply

  • Write an email with the following attachments plus any information you consider important to [email protected], with the subject Web Dev opening application.
  • Please send along your GitHub profile. Since we are open source only, we require applicants for developer positions to have a very active and healthy GitHub profile.
  • Bonus: Why did Aragon catch your attention? Which challenge within the crypto space are you more interested in?
  • Please send the following challenge completed:



Build a landing page for one of the components of the Aragon project. You can choose between: - Aragon Nest - aragonOS - Aragon Survey app

  1. Use the Aragon UI framework with React
  2. Properly communicate to a user who is not very deep into crypto. You can work on the aesthetics but create some dummy wording
  • You can use any libraries you feel comfortable with.
  • You can fork the current Aragon website and build upon it.
  • Feel free to interpret the requirements in any way that you think could be interesting.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any question to the team :-)
The submission will be evaluated on the following points:
  • Code quality / readability / testability
  • UX / visual solutions
  • Perceived performance
  • Accessibility

If you haven't, please read more about our culture, work conditions, etc.