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Aragon - The fight for freedom

We are building Aragon because we believe decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems

Meet Aragon Bella

Bella is the easiest-to-use Aragon release to date. Discover why.

The story behind Aragon Bella

Bella is the easiest-to-use Aragon release to date. Discover the story behind it.

Introducing Aragon Camino

A glimpse into the future of organizations that you can use today.

Reimagine governance

Aragon is a playground for experimenting with new governance models. What will you build?

Welcome to Aragon Court

Help us build a justice system for the internet.

Powered by Aragon

Discover communities powered by Aragon.

AraCon – The Aragon Conference

Recap of AraCon 2019

Over 500 community members and DAO enthusiasts gathered in Berlin for AraCon. They got an overview of the state of decentralized governance and how Aragon empowers global organizations. The many speakers all presented fresh and exciting aspects of these critical issues.

See the full list of all AraCon presentations.

AraCon – The Aragon Conference

AraCon – The first Aragon Conference - will take place in Berlin, Germany on January 29th-30th 2019.

The conference will bring together people who embody and wish to shape the Aragon community. Those who are building and supporting the pseudonymous, secure, trustless future — the decentralized web. Decentralized governance and DAOs are at the heart of the new Web 3.0. They are key components in moving towards a more fair and open world for everyone.