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Write-Up - Brett

Aragon Community Meeting 06 Write-Up for November

Brett - (New!) EVM/Solidity/*

Aragon Id (@aragon/aragon-id)

  • Basic identity system via ENS for 0.5 (<your-name>.aragonid.eth registration coming soon to you!)
  • Provides a generic set of contracts for verifiably secure ENS subdomain registrations

Aragon Apps / UI (@aragon/aragon-apps, @aragon/aragon-ui)

  • Moved reusable components from Group app to @aragon/aragon-ui


Towards 0.5

  • Collaborate with @izqui, @onbjerg, @bpierre on organizing roadmap to 0.5
  • Help @bpierre with lifting off the dust in @aragon/aragon
  • Build as many @aragon/aragon-app frontends (and their associated components in @aragon/aragon-ui) as possible