Aragon Network Token


The Aragon Network Token (ticker symbol: ANT) is the native token of the Aragon Network. ANT is primarily used for the governance of the Aragon Network. After the launch of the Aragon Network, it will also be possible to use ANT to collateralize agreements made by members of the Aragon Network. More information about the use of ANT in the Aragon Network can be found in the Aragon Network whitepaper.

Initial token distribution

ANT was initially created and distributed as a result of a public token sale that took place on May 17, 2017 - starting at Ethereum block 3,723,000 to be exact. Less than 100 blocks later, 275,000 ETH worth of ANT were sold. Added together with ANT sold in the pre-sale, ANT granted to the Aragon Foundation/Association, and ANT granted to founders and early contributors, the total initial supply of ANT after the token sale is 39,609,523.80952380954 ANT.


Initial supply breakdown

Amount (ANT) % of initial supply
Public sale + Pre-sale grant 27,726,666.666666666678 ANT 70%
Aragon Foundation grant 5,941,428.571428571431 ANT 15%
Early contributors and founders grant 5,941,428.571428571431 ANT 15%

Total supply: 39,609,523.80952380954 ANT*

* Total supply will be constant only until the AN (Aragon Network) is deployed. From then on, ANT holders will use Aragon Network governance to decide the monetary policy and inflation rate going forward.


Technical details

ANT is an ERC-20 token using the MiniMe standard. As Aragon co-founder Jorge Izquierdo wrote on the Aragon blog:

We decided to use MiniMe as the base token for ANT because it offers flexibility, security, and a clear upgrade path. The MiniMe Token is an ERC20 token created by the Giveth team that maintains a history of balances and is easily cloned to create independent tokens with unique functionality (shout out to the Giveth team, definitely one of the best Solidity development teams out there).

In addition, MiniMe is a great token standard for governance because it keeps track of balances at the time of starting a proposal vote. This removes the need to lock balances after voting to prevent double voting. With all of its benefits, we’re considering making MiniMe the default token for all Aragon organizations.


Trade ANT

In addition to buying and selling ANT peer-to-peer, ANT can be bought or sold using the services in the list below.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page should be taken as investment advice. Inclusion of a service does not constitute an endorsement of the service by the Aragon Association or any other member of the Aragon project. Please do your own research before trading ANT or using any of the listed services to trade ANT. Keep your funds safe and only do business with people for whom you have a good reason to trust.


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