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DAO Manager Aragon Gets Alpha Release

The Economist

Disrupting the trust business


Forbes 'Under 30' Tech Prodigy In Cryptosale For Ethereum-Built Management Platform


Blockchain token sale nets $25 million in under 15 minutes


Disintermediating Entrepreneurship Is The First Step Towards A Fairer World

International Business Times

Ethereum-based Aragon leads blockchain exodus from Slack amid phishing scams

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The Merkle

What Is AragonOS?

Although a lot of people readily dismiss altcoins these days, there are some interesting projects out there. The Aragon project is currently working on AragonOS, which introduces some major changes to smart contracts as we know them today. More specifically, smart contracts’ underlying architecture is in dire need of some upgrades. Introducing more flexibility and making it easier to extend the functionality of these contracts is well worth looking into.


No CEO needed: These blockchain platforms will let ‘the crowd’ run startups

Back in May, I wrote about the concept of DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations capable of running themselves thanks to blockchain technology — no CEO or C-Suite needed. At the time I was writing, there were a few people in the blockchain community testing out the idea but no strong efforts underway. That was six months ago.

As anyone in the crypto space will tell you, six months is a really long time. Today, a market for DAO platforms is emerging, complete with teams, funding, development, and initial implementations.

12 changes that could shake up the blockchain world in 2018

If there is one thing I have learned in the last two years in the cryptocurrency world, it’s that things change so quickly in this sector, it can humble anybody. Anyone who says he knows what he is talking about, doesn’t!

Still, it’s New Year’s Day, so what the heck? I’ll put my neck out there with 12 predictions for 2018:


Aragon ICO Makes Millions In Minutes

In the time it might take to warm up a small meal, Aragon’s ICO made the company $25 million in Ether.

On May 17, 2017, disintermediation platform Aragon announced it closed an ICO in less than 15 minutes, raking in $25,000,000 in Ether (ETH) from 2,403 investors in exchange for ANT tokens, and making it the fourth highest crowdsale ever.


Aragon Introduces Grants Program To Further Ecosystem Development

Aragon, the governance platform for decentralized organizations, has decided to support its community by introducing ‘ Aragon Nest ’, a unique grants program to accelerate ecosystem development. This is a very exciting initiative and shows the importance of community involvement to the blockchain movement, some experts argue. See more from the company press release below.

Introducing the ‘Aragon Nest’ Grants Program

How The Token Model Is Changing Coding For The Better

For a long time free and open source software was a niche seen by many as a threat to major software developers and large corporations who wished to enforce stricter intellectual property rights. Although patents and intellectual property rights were originally designed to protect the rights of the creators, in coding this is often enforced to the detriment of the community at large.

However, during the last decades, open source models were gaining popularity and had a loyal following particularly among Linux enthusiasts.

Open source offers great benefits in the areas of cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability. You can see how the code is developed, what it does, and why. Unlike closed proprietary software, code can be altered and extended by any developer.


Ethereum-Based Aragon Raises $25 Million Under 15 Minutes in Record ICO

Ethereum-based enterprise management platform Aragon has announced details of its Wednesday ICO token sale, raising a mammoth $25 million.

The token sale saw participation from 2,403 buyers around the world and lasted under 15 minutes to raise the figure for a token sale that was originally set to run until June 14, 2017.

Ethereum-Based Aragon Partners ShapeShift for Upcoming Token Sale

Ethereum-based distributed network platform Aragon has announced a partnership with leading global exchange ShapeShift in advance of their upcoming token sale. Set to launch May 17th, Aragon counts ICONOMI and CoinFund among its pre-sale buyers.

Thanks to the partnership with ShapeShift, users will be able to purchase Aragon Network Tokens (ANT) using the variety of tokens on the ShapeShift platform such as Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin.


Why Aragon Co-Founder Sees Ethereum Price Surpassing $1,000

Earlier this month, Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende revealed that he sees the price of Ethereum, which remains at around $261, hitting $1,000 in the long run.

In an interview with Sindre Hopland, the media producer at Itnig, Cuende explained that the Ethereum market along with the ICO industry is growing at an exponential rate. Both large-scale and small companies are actively investing in the efficiency of Ethereum network in automating operations with the utilization of smart contracts.

Biggest-Ever ICO Jackpot Netted By Ethereum-Based Aragon Despite Bad Actor

Ethereum-based business management platform Aragon has raised the largest amount ever in an ICO - almost $25 mln in 15 minutes.

The token sale began at 19:30 GMT on Wednesday, but had already sold out minutes later, with investors contributing a total of 275,000 ETH worth around $24.75 mln.

Bankless Times

Ethereum cofounder Alisie joins Aragon advisory board

Decentralized company management platform Aragon announced this week that original Ethereum cofounder Mihai Alisie has joined its advisory board.

Mr. Alisie partnered with Vitalik Buterin in 2011 to launch Bitcoin Magazine and later joined him to found Ethereum. He served as strategic manager and vice president of the Ethereum Foundation. The other Aragon advisors are Dai Foundation COO Kenny Rowe and CoinFund cofounder Jake Brukhman.

Audio Interviews

The Blockcrunch - Can Crypto Change How We Run Organizations?

With the rise of decentralized companies and organizations, the need for tools to manage people around the world also emerges. Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende and I continue our exploration of crypto governance this week. We discuss:

  • Why do we need decentralized tools for management?
  • Who is Aragon targeting?
  • Why Aragon is interested in Polkadot

Decentralize This! | Ep 12 - Luis Cuende - Realizing The Promise of Decentralized Organizations

Hosted by Enigma's Head of Growth Tor Bair, our twelfth episode features Luis Cuende. Luis is the cofounder of Aragon, a platform that allows anyone to create and manage decentralized organizations. He’s an incredible thinker and builder, having published his first book at 18 and having been named to Forbes 30 under 30. Aragon also recently released a new version of their platform on the Ethereum mainnet, which Luis and Tor discuss.

On this episode we’ll also talk why Luis got into the blockchain space, the power of decentralized, autonomous organizations, where our current centralized systems are falling short, and the conflicts between regulation and decentralization - and how those have impacted both Luis and Aragon.

The Blockchain and Us | Luis Cuende – How Digital Jurisdictions Help Us Escape 1984 and Take Back Control

Luis Cuende speaks about the inspiration for his startup Aragon, raising over $100 million in his ICO, how he plans to create a digital jurisdiction that isn’t bound to the borders of a single country, how governments manipulate citizens, how he explains the need for digital worlds, which narratives inspire people to reclaim their freedom, societal challenges in the Western world, why jobs are a thing of the past, why he thinks governments should try universal basic income, how blockchains could restrict the power of governments, why he thinks borders create racism, how decentralization on blockchains could create value, the evils of social media, how decentralized systems can avoid the path of social media, why George Orwell’s 1984 is real and what helped this happen, why many people have lost hope, why few digital natives understand the vision of decentralization, and many other things.

SE Daily: How Aragon Manages DAOs with Luis Cuende

Aragon is a platform for running and managing decentralized autonomous organizations. Luis Cuende is the founder of Aragon, and joins the show to explain what a DAO is and why people want to create them. We also talk about the engineering of Aragon and the structure of its ICO—which raised $25m via token sale.

An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #11 | Guest: Luis Cuende and Maria Gomez from Aragon

Join us to hear more about their new grants program, Aragon Nest as well as how they continue to think about how they are in the process of transforming their DAO-producing organization into a DAO.

The Boost VC Podcast | Season 2, Ep. 14: Governance, Decentralized Organizations and Valuing Blockchain Technology with Aragon Co-Founder Luis Cuende

Listen in as Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende offers his profound insight on the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in Spain, fueled in part by the push for Catalonian independence.

Governing the Future | E08: Luis Cuende, Aragon - governance, blockchain cap tables, and nation states

What is a fully digital, programmable, and transparent organization? What happens when computers can start companies? What is the future of nation states and the race to be crypto friendly?

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