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Running the All Aragon Devs call

Step 1. Create draft notes file for the next call

Note: After the first All Aragon Devs call, this step should be performed right after the call.

Create a draft notes file titled “alldevs[date].md”, with the date of the next call in YYYYMMDD format e.g.

  • Use the notes template and add the agenda to the "Agenda" section.
  • Update the mkdocs.yml file of the wiki with a relative link to the file under the Videos > Meetings > All Aragon Devs > Meeting notes section.
  • Add link to the notes file under the "Next meeting agenda" section of the Overview page in the wiki. Overwrite the previous link if there is one.

Step 2. Review proposed agenda items

  • Check alldevs email address throughout the week for proposed agenda items. Review proposed items and respond with accepted or rejected templates.
  • Add approved agenda items and the email addresses of agenda item owners to a draft email titled “Agenda + Guest Participants for [date]”, replacing [date] with the date of the meeting.
  • Add approved agenda items and the name of their owner to the next call’s agenda in the file created in Step 1.

Step 3. Prepare for the livestream

Fifteen minutes before scheduled to begin:

  • Create Jitsi channel with unique link.
  • Create notes document with permission for anyone to write.
  • Paste link to the notes document in the Jitsi chat.
  • Send calendar invite to all participants
  • Add email addresses from “repeat participant” list.
  • Add guest email addresses from “Agenda + Guest Participants for [date]” draft email.
  • Add to event description:
    • Unique link to Jitsi channel.
    • Link to the draft notes file created in Step 1.

Open Youtube with the Aragon account and copy the Livestream key.

  • Creator Studio -> Livestreaming -> Stream now -> Stream name/key.

Step 4. Running the livestream

Start livestream in Jitsi when the meeting is scheduled to start.

  • More actions menu button -> Start livestream

Welcome viewers and participants on the call. “Before we begin..” Designate a note taker if one has not volunteered already. Tell everyone on the call that a link to the notes is in the Jitsi chat, and anyone is welcome to add notes as well.

  • Document meeting attendees, agenda items, notes from discussions.

Do roll call and have everyone say a quick introduction of who they are.

Open the agenda file in the wiki. Run through each agenda item and pass to item owner to lead. Conclude each item discussion by repeating and documenting action items.

Keep meeting running on time. The goal is to have all agenda items addressed by the scheduled end time.

If all agenda items are covered before the scheduled end time, the meeting is done early.

Thank participants and viewers for attending, then stop the livestream.

Step 5. Post-livestream follow-up

Copy + paste the notes and video recording link to the call notes file created in Step 1. Fill out each empty / default section accordingly.

Go into the YouTube Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos, click the arrow button next to the call video, and click "Download MP4". Upload the video file to the Aragon Association cloud storage instance for backup.

Go to Step 1 and create an agenda file for the next call.