Wiki Editorial Policies

  • If you create a page, you are the “owner” and responsible for keeping it up to date, unless a different owner is mutually agreed upon. The owner should be named at the bottom of the page in the format "Page owner: Firstname Lastname (@githubname)".
  • Pages that are not kept up to date may be archived by the Wiki maintainer if the owner is unresponsive.
  • The maintainer will ask the owner of a page to review any proposed changes by third parties and, if otherwise unobjectionable, merge them in good faith if the owner is unresponsive for more than two weeks.
  • The maintainer will review open pull requests once per week, give feedback, and respond to any replies to earlier feedback until the PRs are ready to merge. PRs that are ready to merge will be merged within one calendar week.
  • Draft pull requests are used for PRs that are still a work in progress and not ready for review. PR descriptions should reference the issue number that the PR addresses, if any e.g. "Closes #123", which will automatically close issue #123 when the PR is merged.

Labels used for PRs

  • Documentation: adds new documentationw
  • Enhancement: improves existing documentation or Wiki layout
  • Meta: closes a Meta issue

Labels used for issues

  • Bug: something is wrong
  • Documentation: request for new documentation
  • Enhancement: improvement suggestion
  • Meta: discussion about the Wiki or Wiki repo itself

Wiki maintainer: John Light (@john-light). Last updated 2019-08-31

Page owner: John Light (@john-light). Last updated 2019-08-31