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Aragon SDK: Standup 1 notes

Call happening on 24th of October 2019, 1:30 PM CEST


Gabi, Ale, Daniel, Matthew



  • Studying product of view
  • Getting consultancy and researching on product
  • User based design


  • A CLI just for interacting with a DAO, but with all of its features
  • Weak code with very little tests
  • we need to improve stablity


  • Ideas soon
  • Interface mixed with the API
  • Extracting utilities to a different package
  • CLI extensible, ability to add apps
  • Language agnostic extensibility
  • Wasm?
  • Something lower than a CLI client, an API that allows you to use a DAO


  • CLI client and Web client
  • no aragonJS on dev
  • Split commnads and scripts
  • A lot of code duplication and redundant utilities that could be abstracted to a different library
  • Use typescript for static analysis and have more developer adoption? Team agrees, Daniel says yes, but keep only JS for client and frontside

Next steps

  • keybase channel
  • 2 standup calls a week


  • Hands dirty
  • aragonJS, how it fetches apps from a DAO, and tx pathing
  • Look at other delightful DX: open_zeppelin, create-react-app, ethers


  • Reach out devs, even if suboptimal, start getting out there and ask questions in the street
  • Reproduce himself the whole workflow and identify pain points
  • Improve his own docs to share
  • Analytics? Team: reaching out to the little existing devs should be enough - Daniel - Map out concerns of the code

Short term goal

design a nice API