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aragonSDK standup 3 notes

Call happening on 31th of October 2019, 1:30 PM CEST

Daniel presented a proposal for separating interface from logic

  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#849
  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#851
  • The proposal targets the token new command and moves its logic out to the lib folder.
  • The previous logic updated the UI, so Daniel's solution for now is that the logic has a statusCallback handler that can the interface can use to update.
  • We discussed better ways to do this, like the lib emitting events, but we agreed that this is an improvement to the lib that we could do later.
  • Daniel also created a unit test for this isolated logic. We all agreed that any future logic extractions should be accompanied with new unit tests.
  • We discussed end to end tests and agreed that we will not worry abou them for now - just run manual commands related to what is being refactored and try to make sure nothing broke. End to end tests will be re-addressed once this refactor matures, and will probably involve their own refactor.
  • We discussed introducing Typescript while we do the refactor but agreed to NOT do this now but later, once we have a good percentage of the logic extracted from the interface.
  • Next steps:
  • Ale and Mathew finish merging outstanding PRs.
  • Gabi finishes setting up the development branch and branching strategy.
  • Daniel rebases this refactor proposal to the latest state of master.
  • Ale creates an issue with the plan for implementing this refactor to the entire codebase - it will have a list of commands to refactor, which can be addressed simultaneously by multiple people and each refactored command is a separate PR to the develop branch.
  • We all start picking off commands from this list and implement the refactor in parallel.

Gabi showed us the first discovery results from his survey

  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#852
  • 13 responses so far.
  • 50% power users and 50% developers =)
  • People find the cli more reliable than we were expecting.
  • People would be very disappointed if the cli would cease to exist. PMF, check!
  • We will wait for more data to come in before we share the results, unless Gabi finds a way to share a live link.

Updates on outstanding PRs

  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#853
  • We solved a few permissions issues we were having.
  • Gabi will fix a problem we are having with the CI on master and disable it on the new develop branch.
  • Gabi will help on #840 which is a bit technical regarding interaction with aragonJS.
  • Other than that there are just a couple of PRs to merge and we are done, which will be handled by Ale and Mathew.