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aragonSDK standup 4 notes

Call happening on 5th of November 2019, 1:30 PM CEST


  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#858
  • Proposed to move standup time 1 hour later: accepted.
  • Proposed that we all start adding reviewers in aragon/aragon-cli#858 so we don’t have stalled PRs. To do so, add yourself in the issue description on the corresponding line.
  • Suggests having functions as pure as possible.
  • Will be working on refactoring apm commands


  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#866
  • Related issue: aragon/aragon-cli#858
  • Last week, worked on adding typescript to the repo.
  • This week, will finish refactoring ipfs and dao token commands.
  • Will also work on updating linting rules and git hooks
  • About the reporter, it is mostly needed in the middlewares for error handling purposes. Will perhaps be moved at some point.



  • Concerns about listr's context object. Proposed we use it as less as possible or use variables.
  • Proposed we consider migrating to another library after the refactoring
  • Anyone having suggestions should add them to the Aragon SDK document:
  • Last week, finished merging the last pull requests before refactoring.
  • Also worked on fixing e2e-tests on master
  • Will work on dao exec command this week