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Working Group Registry

aragonSDK WG

We want to make the Aragon SDK a delightful developer experience. This is not necessarily limited to the CLI, but to all parts of the Aragon stack that target power users and developers, as opposed to users of the Aragon Client.

At the current time, however, our efforts are focused around the CLI to improve both developers' and power users' experiences.

Offline discussions occur in the SDK Working Group channel.

Stand ups happen every Wednesday and Friday; please join the SDK-WG chat to introduce yourself if you would like to join.

Larger discussions related to the CLI and its direction will also be held in the Aragon All Devs bi-weekly meetings.

"Your working group”

“The purpose of your working group”

  • “The first facilitator(s) who will implement your Working Group in its first few days”

Proposed Working Groups

Communications WG

Raises awareness about the activities and mission of the Aragon Network within strategic audiences.

  • (Initial suggestion for members - John, Nolwenn, Thibault...)

Community WG

Supports the community of Aragon Network contributors, including facilitation of the Aragon Network governance process.

  • (Initial suggestion for members - John, Luke, Daniel...)

Documentation WG

Documents the history and the products produced by the Aragon Network.

  • (Initial suggestion for members - John, Gabi, Daniel, Brett...)

Research WG

Works on experimental mechanisms and technologies that support the mission of the Aragon Network; this work may or may not be productized.

  • (Initial suggestion for members - Jorge, Bingen, Facu, Alexandre...)